Tuesday, November 9, 2010


First and foremost, we are announcing the winner of the "which is scariest?" contest! Thanks to all who voted! Alek prepared the drawing and he selected two winners: Grandma, and Zoey!

We will be sending samples of indigenous candy to the winners this week. Zoey, we will send yours to you at Margaret's house, and include a view extras for the other kids!

We had school conferences today, and in part to celebrate the boys' very positive school reports, Mom whipped up a batch of cheesesteaks tonight. For those of you who have only recently joined us, Philly cheesesteaks are Max's favorite food by a mile. I combined a bakery baguette, Australian beef sliced thin, and some mozzarella (provolone is the preferred format, but we haven't found that here).

Hugo said it tasted just like Jingo's. I mean, Geno's, the famous steak place in Philly. I think that is a compliment, but unlike Geno's, I allowed my boys to discuss their cheesesteaks in Japanese, if they wanted.

In fact, because we can't ever have a meal that all three boys want to eat, Alek chose to learn how to say, "cheezu staakie ga suki ja arimasen."

p.s. We are already down to two fish.


  1. very excited that zoey is one of the lucky winners. we will all look forward to some authentic japanese candy!

    p.s. are the fish getting enough oxygen?

  2. Gramma never wins anything - and last week I won an umbrella as a door prize & now Japanese candy! Can hardly wait for it to arrive! Gramma. Sorry you're down to 2 fish - what do they eat?

  3. thank you thank you very much i am so honored :)