Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Pocky Day!!

Today is 11/11, otherwise known as Pocky Day in Japan! Luckily, one of my students informed me this afternoon, before it was too late.

The Glico marketing worked on us, that's for sure. We went right out and got some for dessert:

Fortunately, most of you are on the EST time zone, so it's not too late for you: Get to your local Asian market and pick some up, before they're all gone.

What's the difference between the red package and the white package, you ask? One of them makes kids very unhappy.
Just kidding. It's diameter.
In other news, Max learned the Japanese words for pee, poop, and snot today. I say, it's about time!


  1. Evan wants to know the word for snot, Max

  2. Yay! Pocky!! Fortunately, some of us are on the west coast, so we have even more time to purchase some Pocky deliciousness!!!!

  3. Happy Pocky Day, indeed! This made Mira smile... :)

  4. i wonder what pocky day will be like next year on 11/11/11?

  5. I hate myself for missing Pocky Day.