Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's for sale?

Here are some of the things we saw for sale this weekend.

On the old Castle Road in Hikone, we saw daikon:

And salt-grilled fish on a stick:

At the Toji Temple sale today, we bought these fishies with bean paste (or custard) inside:

We also saw kombu (a kind of seaweed):
It seems like whenever I have a mysterious food in my bento, and I ask a Japanese person what it is, they say, "it's a kind of seaweed." And here I am telling you that same thing. I also heard a story about kombu from my friend V, whose wife wife H. works in a kindergarten. One of the little girls there brings a piece of kombu every day for her snack. I think this might be why Japanese girls are so skinny.

We also saw towels:

And pottery. Lots and lots of pottery.

And shiny objects. Lots of shiny objects...

And knives, sold by this interesting guy. See the pile of money to his left? See the partial cabbages to his right? See the pile of wood chips he's whacked off of sticks?

And fish. Lots and lots of fish.

And steaming pots of oden.

And more. But we didn't take pictures of the rest.

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  1. Haha. I'm a genuine Asian having seen and tasted ALL of the food items for sale--dried daikon, fish, seaweed; bean fish; and oden stew! Mira LOVES the toasty bean fish (used to be made fresh at a tiny stall in the middle of a Korean grocery store in Landsdale, PA...already out of business, unfortunately). She used to bring dollar bills in her pocket so that she can buy a few and eat them as we shopped. Surely, they're tastier eating them in the middle of a Japanese outdoor market...