Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lake Biwa Museum

The boys were out of school from Monday through Wednesday. On Tuesday, we took two trains and a bus to the Lake Biwa Museum. It was a beautiful place. And one thing about our boys, is they sure do get their money out of their museum experiences. This one happened to be free for kids, but still. They really never get tired of finding new things to see at any museum.

There was a large freshwater aquarium.

This is a perch! It was about 20 pounds....

The crawfish did not like this one bit.

Outside the museum you could see the South end of Lake Biwa. That's Alek in front of Mt. Hiei. Kyoto is on the other side of that mountain... Sometime soon, we would like to go up there. You can hike or take a cable car.

Practicing with the microscopes. This lake was formed over 200,000 years ago. That is, half of 200,000 years ago. (For some reason, Ms. Smackbook is not typing a one anymore. She types an exclamation point. But not a one. Just when I thought we were getting to be friends, she pulls a move on me.) Anyway, because of its age, this lake is of great biological interest.

At the mockup of a research station, they had these boots outside and slippers for going inside. I find this so charming....

Here's a scene from the exhibit about the people around the Lake.

This country house was made in the !890's. It was lived in until !993 and then somebody donated it to the museum. It is set up as if it were !960. Dubbed Donna Reed is on the TV. I loved looking at this house.

Here is the outdoor bathtub. Basically a big barrel with a lid, with a place for a fire underneath. I guess you climb in the door, and sit in the dark (?) so that the water stays as warm as possible.

There was a message about the environmental impact on Lake Biwa. Here's the crap that goes down the toilet and heads toward the lake.
Alek just asked me, "Is crap a bad word?"

Children's discovery area.
Bus ride back to the station.

This place was in the 'burbs! Parking lots. Rice fields. Driving range.

Yet another fun day in Japan....

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