Saturday, November 6, 2010

School Assembly

School assemblies are held on Friday. Each class takes turns demonstrating what they have learned. Last Friday, Grade 1 led the way, showing off some of their new Japanese skills. Half of the class speaks Japanese at home, and the other half do not.

Here are the words:
Achi no sochi, sochi no achi, kochi no achi no sochi wa dochi!?
It means, kind of: that way, that way, this way, that way, that way, which way?

Also, at very assembly, the teachers present awards to a few kids who have exemplified the learner profiles. Since I was there for the hiragana show, I got to be there to see Alek get this "thinker" award! He earned it for being thoughtful about how the learner profile of "reflective" would apply to the latest unit of inquiry called "our personal histories are worth exploring."

Here he is when he realized that his teacher was talking about him:
Classmates admiring the award:
Proud Alek.

For the record, Hugo won an award two weeks ago, for Enthusiasm. And Max won one the first week for being a Risk Taker. Way to go, boys!


  1. Man...I LOVE this school. Carbone loved the inquiry-based science curriculum (i.e., the body unit) from an earlier post. Wait till he sees the building projects, the intergenerational assemblies, and the thinker award. Why are we not this thoughtful and holistic in our approaches here? We get on that "curriculum express" and forget that there so many dimensions of our children that we ought to foster, encourage, and develop. Wish I could send Mira here!!!

  2. The jury is rigged! ;-) Seriously, we are so proud of the boys! Lisa and Chris

  3. a unit of inquiry on the worthiness of exploring our personal histories? i'm impressed that this would be a unit of study. and now i'm depressed, 'cause this would never happen here.

  4. Congratulations on the awards ---Alek, Hugo and Max..we are very proud of you. The dust in the house looks like someone is bringing it in from the outside.....
    We miss you
    Grandpop and Grandma D