Sunday, November 14, 2010

Surprise Lunch

Today we walked to the Heian Shrine (a big one in Kyoto) in search of cute children in kimonos (for that, you have to wait for the next post). We got there in time for lunch, and stopped into this burger place on Nijo Dori (a couple blocks West of Heian Jingu)
Those of you who have not been in Japan might find this sweet--directions on how to eat a hamburger. Don't forget to "smash!"
Max gives it the big thumbs up: No funny sauces. A soft bun. Very American. We also ordered french fries (a huge portion only 400 yen!) and onion rings (a bit like tempura, but again, a huge portion only 400 yen!)
Those of you Americans who are living (or have lived) in Japan will not believe these next two pictures. So get ready.

First, this is a napkin. I have included my pen in the photo for scale. I am not kidding. Here in Kyoto! Not only was it large, it was actually absorbent. It is worth a visit to this restaurant just for the napkins.

And second, Darrin's glass of soda is not only large. It also contains.....wait for it..... DIET coke.

Yes, way.

Just when you think you've learned a country, they pull this kind of stuff on you.
We truly do not miss American food, but it sure did taste delicious today.


  1. Hey, I found this place the other day too. I really enjoyed the burgers and the nicely sized absorbent napkins.

  2. That's it. Five Guys tomorrow for a burger and fries with a tall glass of Diet Coke! Yummmm...

  3. Missing American food: When I came home from Japan, having been there for six months, my family got pizza for my first "back at home" dinner. This is true: After having eaten nothing but (healthy!, well, at least not fatty)
    Japanese food for all that time, the sight of the pizza made me nauseous. All that fat, cheese, grease! Ugh. But, I ate it. And there
    begins the tale of my sveltish-demise. Oh whoa is me. But hey, I hear there's a big price reduction on cheese-fries at Micky Dees. Got to go!