Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tell me how you really feel.....

Have you ever been out with Alek? At a party, out to dinner, hanging out at a friends' house? Then you've noticed that at some point in the early evening, Alek will come up to me, drape himself over the nearest piece of furniture (or my lap), and say,

"Can we go hooooooooooooooome now?"

After eating a few pounds of crab meat last week, Alek's early evening misery was more poignant than ever:

But I think he was partly kidding...

We love you, Alek!


  1. Aw, we do love you, Alek!!!!!! And I think that photo where just the whites of his eyes are showing will be my new desktop background!!!!

  2. Alek,

    You are what stuffy old guys like me would call "precoscious in a certain regard." Namely, you have mastered (truly) all the expressions of university students (and these are much older folks than you....thus, you're precoscious) in my classes at the U of D. Wow. Just remember, if you really want to show your prof how utterly stupid/irrelevant/tedious you find his/her attempts at sharing his/her passions with you, eat a couple of pounds of king crab before class. You will destroy him/her! To quote Mepicurious: "You are not what you eat, but you sure can show others what you think THEY ARE if you eat enough of the right thing."

    Most defensively yours,

    Professor Kuhlman

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