Thursday, September 8, 2011

What we liked about Shawna and Ryan's wedding!

We liked everything about Shawna and Ryan's wedding!

We liked the karaoke. Darrin sang "white wedding." (Hey, little sister....)

Hugo did Thriller, while Alek danced.
We liked that the camp had a costume box.

We liked the food. Here's the Saturday night BBQ.
We liked seeing family.

We liked seeing the boys all dressed up.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of handsome!

We liked how these guys looked like spoiled rich boys...

We liked the ceremony.

We liked Shawna's teal dress!

We liked the bugs at the camp.

We liked seeing Sommyr in a dress. (Is that you Sommyr? )

We liked eating every four hours.

We liked the other set of twins.

We liked that Hugo lost another tooth at dinner.

We liked watching the boys dance for hours. Hugo danced with this hat from 8pm to 11:40.
Max went to bed at 1:30am. He was in drag some of the time.
We liked watching Shawna, the babe-magnet.
We liked the cookies-as-wedding cake.
Especially the chocolate-salt-caramel ones. Heavenly.....
Congratulations, guys!!! Thanks for a great party!