Friday, June 25, 2010

What's left to do

Here's the longer list...we still need to:

Get paper copies of prescriptions
Set up all bills online
Mail boxes of books, toys, coats, boots
Put cell phones on hold
Get a new camera
Get two new backpacks
Order fall pants for the boys
Apply for visas in DC
Order one year's worth of contact lenses
Order one year's worth of Frontline and Heartgard for Fig
Apply for Yakken Shoumei (permission to bring medicine to Japan)
Stock up on medicines
Mail work papers
Figure out car and home insurance
Put deposit on Japanese house
Pack 10 suitcases at 20kg or less each
Get house ready to leave
Organize medical and dental records
Sell the rusty Honda
Eat all the food in the house
Find homes for our plants

Monday, June 14, 2010

What we've done

Life seems like one big list. Getting ready to leave for one year isn't easy....

Some things we have already done:
Found a house to live in in Japan
Applied for international school for the boys in Japan
Found a doctor for Max in Japan
Asked US Health Insurance to see what they cover in Japan (note: This says "asked." "finding out the answer" is a totally different item, which apparently will not be resolved until we make our first claim)
Switched health insurance to more flexible plan
Got the boys a Japanese teacher
Purchased omiyage (presents)
Got a credit card that doesn't charge for international exchanges

We have also...

Talked to US Schools about withdrawal
Asked about online voicemail access for US phone
Filed for medical clearances
Found a temporary home for the Figgy boy
Gotten plane tickets for us to go from PHL to Japan
Found out what to do with our US cell phones

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hugo is ready!

The first post

Welcome to the first post in the Surprising Breezes blog. I set this up yesterday, after a tutorial with Tiffany the Amazing Blogger. If you want to click over to her blog now, fine; but make sure you have about 2 hours free.

The goal is to share our upcoming Japanese adventures with our family and friends back home. We aren't leaving for 2 more months, but I'm deep in List Mode right now. And if you're reading this, you are witnessing yet another thing I have crossed off the "get ready to go to Japan" list.

Surprising Breezes is a name that Darrin coined for our house a few years ago. It's a great blog name, too (Tiffany assured me). Appropriately, while I was fussing with blog layouts last night, Max handily illustrated why we call our house by this name. At 10pm, I heard footsteps in the bathroom.... And then I got to hear what happens when somebody closes the toilet lid before the boys go to bed. Max was basically asleep. You can guess the rest.

To be honest I didn't feel mad. Partly because I was the compulsive one who closed the lid. And partly because up until a year ago, Max would have been doing the same thing--only in bed. Floors are easier to clean. Anyway, there you go. Our house is full of surprising breezes, especially near the floor of the bathroom.