Monday, June 14, 2010

What we've done

Life seems like one big list. Getting ready to leave for one year isn't easy....

Some things we have already done:
Found a house to live in in Japan
Applied for international school for the boys in Japan
Found a doctor for Max in Japan
Asked US Health Insurance to see what they cover in Japan (note: This says "asked." "finding out the answer" is a totally different item, which apparently will not be resolved until we make our first claim)
Switched health insurance to more flexible plan
Got the boys a Japanese teacher
Purchased omiyage (presents)
Got a credit card that doesn't charge for international exchanges

We have also...

Talked to US Schools about withdrawal
Asked about online voicemail access for US phone
Filed for medical clearances
Found a temporary home for the Figgy boy
Gotten plane tickets for us to go from PHL to Japan
Found out what to do with our US cell phones

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