Thursday, June 10, 2010

The first post

Welcome to the first post in the Surprising Breezes blog. I set this up yesterday, after a tutorial with Tiffany the Amazing Blogger. If you want to click over to her blog now, fine; but make sure you have about 2 hours free.

The goal is to share our upcoming Japanese adventures with our family and friends back home. We aren't leaving for 2 more months, but I'm deep in List Mode right now. And if you're reading this, you are witnessing yet another thing I have crossed off the "get ready to go to Japan" list.

Surprising Breezes is a name that Darrin coined for our house a few years ago. It's a great blog name, too (Tiffany assured me). Appropriately, while I was fussing with blog layouts last night, Max handily illustrated why we call our house by this name. At 10pm, I heard footsteps in the bathroom.... And then I got to hear what happens when somebody closes the toilet lid before the boys go to bed. Max was basically asleep. You can guess the rest.

To be honest I didn't feel mad. Partly because I was the compulsive one who closed the lid. And partly because up until a year ago, Max would have been doing the same thing--only in bed. Floors are easier to clean. Anyway, there you go. Our house is full of surprising breezes, especially near the floor of the bathroom.

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  1. Hah! I think you are finding, as I have, that sometimes the Universe just reaches out and hands you something to blog about.

    Welcome to the fold. ;)