Friday, June 25, 2010

What's left to do

Here's the longer list...we still need to:

Get paper copies of prescriptions
Set up all bills online
Mail boxes of books, toys, coats, boots
Put cell phones on hold
Get a new camera
Get two new backpacks
Order fall pants for the boys
Apply for visas in DC
Order one year's worth of contact lenses
Order one year's worth of Frontline and Heartgard for Fig
Apply for Yakken Shoumei (permission to bring medicine to Japan)
Stock up on medicines
Mail work papers
Figure out car and home insurance
Put deposit on Japanese house
Pack 10 suitcases at 20kg or less each
Get house ready to leave
Organize medical and dental records
Sell the rusty Honda
Eat all the food in the house
Find homes for our plants

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