Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kids' Meal

I am about to post a photo of the kids' meal Alek ordered at a family restaurant a few days ago.

Before I show you, I want to you pause so you can form a mental image of the most recent U.S. kids' meal you've seen.

Okay, now you are ready:

What's here? A scoop of rice with seaweed sprinkles. One tempura shrimp. One french fry. One small sausage. One small pile of ketchup. One box of juice. And one small bowl of udon noodles with wakame, fried tofu, and onions.


  1. A meal made for Mira (minus the tempera shrimp, but I would have eaten that)! One french fry is cracking me up...

  2. Looks really yummy

  3. That's better! This may keep you under the 400 kilo limit. I LOVED Japanese breakfasts, especially the "ume---xxx" (you know, salted plums) and miso soup. Raw eggs too.

    Here we go about food again, but at least these
    recalls, are about food that I ate lots of, and at the same time (passively) lost weight.

    Those were (and for you are) the days my friend.
    Alas, they always end.

    Question for all readers of this blog: What song did that last phrase remind you of?

    Hint: think 60's