Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chionin Light Up

This is popular this time of year: Night-lighting the famous temples to highlight the fall colors (it is still fall here! We just passed the peak color season).

In this case, the pictures aren't as nice as the real thing. But maybe you can see the reflections in the water?

You could have tea served to you in this traditional tea-ceremony house.

There was a rock garden.
This is the main building of Chionin temple. It is huge...

There was a concert happening, under the huge gate at the bottom of these stairs.

At one of the side temples, people were lighting candles.
Our boys talked Daddy into buying a candle from this table.

Here are some little angel pictures for the grandparents:

What did you pray for, Alek?

A few more scenes...

Night viewing. Wish you were here....


  1. OMG! Beautiful...! Beats the Longwood Gardens' winter extravaganza.

  2. stunningly beautiful photos! and such sweet angelic little boys....

  3. Somebody here is an amazing photographer. These are some of the most beautiful pictures of Japan I have ever seen. Don't know which one, but with your permssion they/it will soon be wallpapered on my computers. I love your blog,
    and want to say special thanks for these pictures. Wow.

  4. As the previous comments stated - WOW - I think this is one of the best blogs yet. Beautiful. I can imagine what it was like in person.
    And, of course, the sweet boys are the best.

  5. The pictures just take my breath away. And tears in my eyes seeing the boys with their candles. These pictures are so, so special. How can we download them to print? Love all of you, Gramma

  6. Oh! The pictures are lovely. The colors of the leaves are stunning and captured so beautifully in your photos.
    As for your previous post, my Nebraska boy thought he'd eat everything in the kids meal except the shrimp. But seriously, ONE french fry?
    Wish we were there, but reading your blog is the next best thing...we're living in Japan vicariously!

  7. This is a test. I'm trying to show Sam Gaertner how he could make a comment from time to time.