Friday, July 1, 2011

Buffaloes vs. Hawks

It was bobblehead night at Osaka Dome for the Orix Buffaloes vs. the Soft Bank Hawks of Fukuoka.
You want to see the snack bar?
Cheese steakie. "Not enough steak" says Max. But he ate it anyway.
We liked the hot dogs too.
Darrin liked the gal with the beer keg on her back. I think she liked him, too. She kept coming back....
Oh! They have a hot dog gun! Get ready!
Oh....not a hot dog gun. Just a lame coupon in a ball. Good catch, Darrin.
At one point the Hawks started blowing up these giant....spoons. They sang and chanted and then let them all go. They whistle.
(We accidentally sat on the visitor's side. The red Buffaloes ballons are nearer to first base.)

The boys ran around the stadium collecting them.
Yes they did. They carried home about 1,000 spent balloons, each one sucked on by a complete stranger, on five separate trains.

No. These will not be accompanying us to the United States.

Lots of familiar sights at this ball game. Crazy video hosts.

And a samurai buffalo riding around in a polar bear car. You know, the usual.
We also saw several home runs. The Buffaloes won, 9-6.

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  1. perhaps Cheese "Steakie" was meant as an adjective rather than a noun?

    and I believe I am right with the easing back to western culture theory