Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not just for grandmas anymore

I have been wanting to show you a class of employee we see in Kyoto.

These uniformed guys stand at the cross walks and make sure you get across okay. This one works near the hospital right near our house. He makes sure employees and patients can cross safely between the two buildings. I have to stop on my bike most of the times I go through here. He is very earnest. Safety first!

This is the other hospital shift--helping people find a parking spot. These guys know us now, and are always very friendly. They sometimes speak to us in English.
This intersection near the mall has two crosswalks. So of course they needed to hire two guards. You can see how busy it gets on a Saturday!
Here's an example of traffic control at the busy busy Conan parking entrance.
So Dad, maybe this is a part time employment option for you in your retirement? What do you say?

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  1. If we can't get the job perhaps we could at least include a whistle in our daily routines?