Saturday, July 23, 2011

tick tock...

Surprising Breezes East was kind of a mess today as we tried to pack and listen to commentary about the debt ceiling.

We made the boys help all day long.

(BTW Don't be too impressed. These guys complain about having to clear their own dishes from the table. )

All of the Legos must return stateside, apparently.
Max bundled up the recycled paper just as carefully as our neighbors do!

Alek and Hugo worked on this PsychoShaker for weeks in construction club at school. We can't take it home. May it live forever on blogspot.

Two nights ago we went to another matsuri at Shimogamo. Will you be upset if I show you another temple?

We met a bunch of school friends there.
This lady handed us a candle for Y200.
Then we walked in their river!
Here you can imagine the sound of all these people saying, 'Ooooh!!! It's so cold!!!" I was trying hard not to pee my pants.
Light 'er up.

It was a festive scene. We are very pure now.

Of course, we had the chance to buy more temple stuff. You could drink "God water" from the spring for Y10.

And if you wanted you could buy the cups it was served in. A bit of a racket.
Here, people are writing some kind of messages on these balsa wood feet.

Then they float them in the water.

Outside the temple we could buy masturi food. All those kids up there went crazy for these squid. Then they screamed and threw rocks for two hours.
After packing today, we took one more trip to Yodobashi camera for a couple of toys the kids have been saving up for. Then we went to our favorite kaiten sushi place for supper. This may be the last time we eat out together here, just the five of us. From now on, it's party party party! We are blessed with many new friends to say goodbye to.

I will leave you with this man.


  1. Okay...I seriously want some of that grilled squid.

    As much we want you back, it's sad to see you getting ready to leave... Can't believe it's been a year already.

    Have fun at your parties!!!

  2. My favorite pic is the first one. Sweet moment packing up toys and other misc stuff,,,,,oh and a casually placed handgun.

  3. Thank you for documenting this journey. I have shown your pictures in regular meetings I chair and to anyone that comes into my cube. It kept me close to you.
    Uncle Paul