Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kabuki and Osaka

It is our last few days here. We are trying to fit everything in. Except it isn't going to fit. I can already tell.

So we can't leave. We just don't have time!

Anyway, case in point: Last night we met our friend Y-san and we went to see Kabuki in Osaka. We saw two plays. I forget their names...but I'm pretty sure you don't recognize them anyway.

Here we are.
The English program.

To our surprise, right at the first intermission, everybody busted out their bentos and started chowing down! Right in the seats!
So we ate some snacks too.

Our boys were GREAT. It was almost a 4 hour performance, and they acted perfectly. (I thought we might have to leave early.) It helped that the first play was about a fight over a carriage. In the second play, there were some funny chase scenes and then the big deal: five murders at the end. There were also a lot of funny whoops and a lot of banging noises.

What part of Kabuki did you like?
The part when they ripped the carriage apart.

Any other part?
The part where they were fighting Daizo and the other guy at the beach.

What part did you not like?
The part where they were just sitting and talking.

what part of Kabuki did you like?
I hate interviews.

Okay. What part of Kabuki did you like?
The murderous rampage.

Any other part?
I didn't eat the imo.

What part did you not like?
I didn't like the boring parts.

What part of Kabuki did you like?
The killing parts.

Any other part?
Um, hmm. Not really.

What part did you not like?
The slow part near the end. The ugly lady was talking about borrowing money.

Afterwards, we went for a short walk in Namba, a neighborhood in Osaka.
Let's just say Namba is not anything like Kyoto.

We saw ourselves on TV.

We saw a suspended cow.

And some ugly stuff.

And that was that!

Poll: Do you want to see our grocery store before we leave?


  1. Yes- bring on the grocery store!

  2. the grocery walk through is vital to feeling what your days were like.
    also include any other mundane things, laundry, coffee, neighbors etc.

  3. We know you are sad to leave, but we can't wait to see you! And, yes! I love grocery stores! Please post photos!

  4. 4 hours! Very impressive that the boys sat through the plays. I would have been drooling sitting next to the folks with the bento boxes. :)

  5. I'm sure you will make even the grocery store entertaining. I vote yes.