Saturday, July 9, 2011


I interrupt the family festival to report that Ms. Smackbook and I have reached a turning point in our relationship.

She and I have never really gotten along. Sure, I think she's Real Pretty. But she's been mad at me because I have never thought she's All That. I just don't see what the Big Deal is with the Apple products.

So she's always been a little bit uncooperative. I try not to complain, because whenever I do, she just rolls her eyes at me. She mutters, "user error." It gets on my nerves, but honestly, I've kept it to myself.

Recently, she thought she'd get smart. She wanted a week at the Spa, she said. So she gave me the ol' color wheel, went to sleep, and wouldn't wake up. Well. I took her to the Spa allright. They have a lovely Apple Store right in the middle of Osaka. They say she has to stay there for a whole week while they fix her. I think I saw her do a little fist pump.

What she doesn't know is that they're gonna give her a new hard drive. And maybe even a new logic board.

So I think we're even. She gets her week at the Ritz Carlton. But she doesn't know that when she gets out, she'll have a whole new brain. Bye bye, Smackbook! Hello....Macbook?

Darrin said, "You seem remarkably calm for somebody who just had her computer die." So while we're chatting, I would like to recommend two things to my friends:
1) A three year extended warrantee; and
2) Automatic online backup in the cloud.
Go do it. Do it now.

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