Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beauty treatments....

We spent a fun afternoon with some friends in the Aeon Mall arcade. You see, we really like to expose the boys to all levels of Japanese culture.

Darrin and Max dropped some coin on this game for about an hour.

We also had fun with the Lady Gaga-inspired printclub machine.
You pose for a series of photos, and then the computer enhances your features.

You get larger irises. Your skin is airbrushed. And you can choose to lighten or darken your complexion. See the eyeball choices:
It makes girls look much prettier. See?
Later, you can add stuff using the digital enhancer. You can add eyelashes, lipstick and eyeshadow, and change the color of your eyes.

It's C R A Z Y.

Since it's almost our anniversary, Darrin and I worked on a Very Special couples shot. Here we are (still on the computer screen here) after adding a little makeup.

Here's the printed version. Darrin's Bambi eyes are aqua here, and mine are brown with little sparklies.

Here's Alek updating Max's eye color and adding eyelashes.
Sorry it's upside down. You can see how k-a-w-a-i-i !!! they turned out! I am so proud.
So Kurt...what do you think? By embracing Western beauty ideals with these "big colored eyes," are we ultimately moving more towards Japanesity?

It kind of makes my head hurt.


  1. I think you may have me there. I found it interesting that it has 3 beauty level choices, Natural, Normal, or look like MAX.

    Those pictures need to be framed and put with the other family pics going down your stairway.

    I like Darrin's cleavage peering and your look of giddy pride. "Yes I am more prettier"