Friday, July 15, 2011

Monday in Seoul

Sorry for the slow upload of the rest of our Seoul adventure!

Here are the boys eating Cheerios at our hotel breakfast buffet. (Seoul has a lot more Americanness than Kyoto, that's for sure!)
After breakfast we headed out to the history museum.
Gas masks (I think) in the subway. It better not be rush hour when disaster hits. There's not quite enough.
An ad in the subway. I think print club machines are cheaper.

Korea for Winter Olympics 2018!

Finally we got to the museum.

So we walked around. Saw some cool stuff.

This is a whole store--that is the door on the lower left.

Fer you, Aunt Lisa.

LOTS of cosmetics for sale in Seoul. Lots. Mainly in Japanese!

At 2pm, we showed up at a tourist center for a Korean Experience. First we tried on some clothes. (Somebody still hasn't grown out of a fear of family portraits.)

Alek got the best shoes.
Next we did a little paper craft.

And then we all went over to the kitchen stadium to make some.....

Helping the lefty cut.
Darrin is rocking this apron.

We had a lot of kimchi to bring home.

Guess what you say for a photo in Korea? (Hint: It's not "cheese.")
Next we took a taxi to this aquarium in the Coex mall. It was okay.They put some of the fish in the fridge and the washing machine. (Yeah, right?)
But we learned some interesting facts.
The mall nearby was selling these. But we figured Mira didn't need them.
Subway station in the Coex mall.
A view of the Han River from the metro train.
Our load of 5 heavy tubs of kimchee started to break through the bags on the train. Two down, three to go.
And here are some more scenes of Seoul as we walked around....
The weather was great...about 80.

We picked this was cute, and packed. And it had kalbi.
Here is Max trying to hold it together at 8pm without dinner (yet).
Almost ready, Max!
Hugo forgot to shut the door.....

Maybe this is where his fear of the camera came from?
Three big piles of kalbi, beers and sodas....lots of sides....71000 won.
Tuesday we split up....Darrin Max and Alek went to the history museum. Hugo and I went to see some art, and got to also see a palace, incidentally.

It was modern art. We saw five Warhols and two Lichtensteins and more that are famous but I can't remember now.
Subway to Gimpo airport.And the crush of fans waiting to see the boy band "2pm" strut through the airport. So tall, so cool, such nice sunglasses.
Before we leave Korea, Darrin would like to put in a plug for this North Korean beer. "It was dry and made me hungry."


  1. And the winner of Best Hats goes to......Korea!

  2. Hugo may be phobic of family portraits but Alek is freaking me out with that thousand mile stare

  3. I dig Alek's shoes! Can't believe you tried to bring kimchee home. Haha. I'm sure you stunk up the subway...or does Korea smell like kimchee no matter where you go???