Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We went to USJ....

Last weekend we joined friends in a trip to Osaka for USJ. What's USJ? Well, it looks like this at night....
And this during the day....
Yep...Universal Studios Japan.
A little slice of Americana right here in the Kansai area.
Oh...maybe not the REAL America...
Big rides.
Snoopy land.
Alek held hands with his friend, M-kun. Is this sho-shoku kei? I'm not sure..very sweet though.
In Snoopy land, Hugo did a wii game where you can pretend to hit the ball, and then the video shows Snoopy catching it in his mouth, or Charlie Brown drops it...it was cute.
If you're heading this way, my advice would be: Don't go to USJ on a weekend. Especially not when it feels like 100 degrees. And especially not when it's the last weekend for "Kansai residents get one free kid for each adult ticket."

There were long lines for Every Thing. Bathrooms, ice-cream, Elmo shows, psychiatric help, and especially the rides. We bought "express passes," but after the first too-scary ride, the 7 year olds just wanted to hang out and shoot rubberbands in the street. (As a result, Max got to go on Spider Man three times using the other kids' tickets!) Seems to me that USJ has not quite found the right market for kids age 6-8.

Oh well...live, learn, and sweat.

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  1. are you using this trip to ease back into the western mindset?