Thursday, June 2, 2011

Did you Noh? We did.

Guess what we saw tonight?

(How did you guess?)

There was an outdoor Noh performance at Heian Shrine. And even though Alek has known for months that he didn't want to see this, we made him go anyway. Kids were free!
The boys read their manga while Darrin and I enjoyed the first two shows. We really liked the "singing." Whup. Whoooooop. Wrrrrrrroooop.

We decided that outdoors is the way to go Noh. (especially with three kids)

After about one hour, they lit some fires, and then were going to do four more plays. was about to rain, and our boys were being so good to sit through an hour of it. So, we left.
We weren't allowed to take photos of the performance. So here is a photo of the program:
And our ticket.

This is not a Noh performer. This is some kind of tourist egg from Kyoto. It likes Noh, too.

So, time for some Noh puns. Bring it.

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  1. a lot of big "eggs' in the discussion lately. Noh pun intended