Friday, June 10, 2011

cutest reality TV ever

So, there's a TV show here called Hajimete Tsukaeru, in which parents send their four to five year old kids on their first solo shopping trip. The kids get a short list of things to buy and then they are followed by hidden cameras the whole way. Here's a little girl just crossing the street on her mission:

She was supposed to buy some shiso-something at one store and cake at another. "shiso kudasai" she tells the shopkeeper.
They sat her down and gave her a cup of tea and offered her some pickled plums. She drank the tea, but didn't like the plums. (See her handbag on the table?)

She's leaving the first stop. The shopkeeper is bowing to her on the way out. Love the boots.
Now she's in the cake store deciding on strawberry.
And heading for home.
She even stopped to pray at a small shrine on the way home. cute is that, ne????


  1. I know of a similar show... Actually, it may be the same show for all I know, but as I recall it was called Hajimete no Otsukai. Here's a really good episode, with a boy and his sister:

    The boy's a total weenie, but his sister is a trooper!

  2. Incredible! And here, we don't let them out of sight until they're 18. LOVE the boots. ::P