Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Japan knows how to potty. Do you?

It's no secret that Japan has the fanciest potties in the world. The one I use at work has a control panel like this. (Why yes, I DO use the flushing sound. It's considered good manners!)
Here's a potty at a rest stop from last May. It's complicated! You have to read the instructions carefully.
You might want to clear your landing, so follow these steps.
And which way do you sit? Here's the guide for that:

Kids with little tushies sometimes have this option:
But they are not supposed to do this:
The seats are often heated, of course. But be careful, because it can get too hot, see?
Not all potties are that fancy. Half the time we run into these.
The rest stop on the way to Fukui had a special mini-size area for the kiddos.

Max documented this helpful urinal in the Cup Noodles museum.
Here's his closeup of the target. We're thinking of painting one of these in the potty at home. It would cut down on some of our surprising breezes.

Many places have toilet slippers. It's supremely embarrassing to be caught wearing these back into the restaurant. Especially if they look like these!
Here's Darrin at an early shopping trip. Back home we normally don't find the toilet seats in the electronics section.
Outside many of the public potties, you can map out your strategy. Which stall has the best view? The easiest exit path?
In the end, some things are cross-cultural.


  1. I assume the Pa house is getting some upgrades? Can't wait!

    The bidets are called "Booty Washas" on MTV tours of rappers houses
    and once again I'll assume you'll be asking guests if they need instructions for the Booty Washa.

  2. This was one of Ian's favorite posts! Second to the ninja's.