Monday, June 27, 2011

Last day of school :o(

Last Friday was the last day of school.
We're sad.
Partly because now we parents will have less time to work.
But mostly because we loved school!
The night before, Alek and Hugo were literally crying about it. It was hard to say good bye. (They are in the 2 week summer program right now, but it's not the same).

The last day of school was just as hot as the first.
That's right--time to start complaining about the weather again. It's humid.
Off they go....

The last afternoon, there was a concert for parents...the kids showed off their musical lessons. Grade 1 did a Frere Jacques round, with handbells.
Max's grade did an arrangement of a song that, according to the music teacher, Max wrote the melody for, and the class did the arrangement. Max has a tendency of Not Telling Mom and Dad Important Things like, "Oh, by the way, I wrote a song for the concert."
The dance club did a dance to Thriller. (Alek is on the far left.) Same costumes as Maypole. But, the girls looked a little too scary. .. I had some Ring flashbacks.

(Hugo was in this club, but he preferred to read manga rather than practice the dance...)
In between acts, there were awards, thank-you gifts to the teachers, and slide shows for the 2 teachers who were leaving. (Max's teacher was busted for looking like Orlando Bloom.) Our boys shared a special prize, given to a kid at each of Japan's international schools who did the most to promote Japanese culture. The teachers decided that our boys were great explorers of food, travel, manga, language, and everything. And they're right--our boys really have jumped in with both ashi! We are so proud of them.

Then we had to say good bye to the amazing teachers and friends!

Alek still has his Thriller game face on.
Here's Alek with S-san, the man who gets your bike out, puts it away, sweeps the sidewalks, and gets your soccer ball off the roof. He's the best.
What's better than a little soccer in the dirt when it's 95, and your parents won't stop talking?
Bye-bye school....we'll never forget you!



  2. I, too, am sad that the boys are done with this school...

  3. Oh, you know you've had an amazing school year when the kids cry because it's over. Don't think that's happened to me or my clan ever! I agree that your kids have embraced so many new things with gusto. They definitely deserve an award!