Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to the Gap!

Here's an exciting side effect of living abroad with two 7 year olds: Counting the ones Alek lost back home, our boys have lost teeth in three continents! You may recall that Alek lost a tooth at the Kurama Fire Festival. And Hugo lost his first tooth, ever, while sitting in a boat on top of the Great Barrier Reef.

Lately things have been fast and furious...Hugo lost a bottom tooth two days ago.

Then yesterday, we were making mochi (more on that later) and Alek lost one....(if you've tried mochi, you may know that it's ideal for pulling teeth out)
And just tonight, Hugo lost his other front tooth... (I ask you--is there anything cuter than kids with no front teeth? Stay like this, Hugo, please?)
Now 5 minutes later--just as I was loading up these pictures, he yanked out another one from the bottom. That's two in one night!
Warning: Blood shot:

One of the interesting facts about Hugo is that he grew 11 baby teeth on the bottom (kids usually have 10). Of course, dental hygenists call this a "supernumerary tooth." Right. Anyway, for the last 3 months, his two adult teeth have been coming in behind. So for awhile, Hugo was packin' 13 teeth. Kind of like a shark. Now we're back down to 11.

At least for the next 5 minutes....


  1. this post would be funnier with a final pic of Darrin holding a tooth lost in some sort of altercation

  2. If you threw all of these baby teeth on the roof of a Japanese house (their tradition, right?) - it might fall down!! Better go with the 'under the pillow, waiting for the tooth fairy route. Hugo - you are the most handsome child - albeit minus 4 teeth (and more very soon?) Congrats on losing another one too, Alek! Will the tooth fairy leave USA $ or Yen? Love you all, Gramma

  3. 3 continents!!! Very impressive, indeed. I want to see a pic of Beth with a tooth covered in seaweed (a common trick among Koreans to fake a tooth loss). Haha.