Monday, January 31, 2011

Surprising Breezes East Readies for the Super Bowl...

A delightful surprise is in store for commuters on S-cho tomorrow morning!

Could it be.....?

Let's get closer to make sure....

It is! It is!

This really enhances the modest decor of SB East.

Kyoto Steeler fans, please email Darrin to reserve your spot for the Monday Morning internet stream.


  1. Haha. Too great for words. You SHOULD have a party!

  2. Big pot of chili and cornbread for some Japanese friends would be great

  3. Now everybody's gonna want one.

  4. Darrin,

    Just to make it about a little wager? You take the Steelers, I'll take Green Bay. Loser gives winner a six pack any locally available Polish beer of their choice. No point spread.....just up/down win loss.