Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some tidbits

A big week for Max.

First, he ran for Student Council president. Here he is giving his speech. Memorized!
He found out this week that he won! Now he has to deliver on that pizza party promise.

Second, today he met his class in front of the main Kyoto station for a field trip to Kobe's earthquake museum. For the first time, Max took the subway all by himself and found his way to the meeting spot!

I'm not sure which one I am prouder of.

Of course, any Japanese-born kid can--and will--take the subway from here to Osaka, changing trains two or three times as needed, by the time they turn six years old. But still, as Max told me, "they can read the signs."

We saw a lot of these this past weekend. I'll post about it later. I just wanted to put a pretty picture at the end here....



    I want to request a blog thread on your favorite potty goddess

  2. Congratulations Max!!!!!! Chris and I are very proud to be your aunt/almost uncle! :-)

  3. "Mr. President" - that has such a nice 'ring' to it. Congrats, Max - please share your speech w/us. And mastering the underground - awesome! Much love, Gramma & Papa

  4. Ok Max! Please let me know when you'll give your state of the union address! Also, I'm wondering if there is a tea party in Japan. (Get it?)

    Also, it's most cool you did the subway trip on your own. I can tell you that I'm a bit hesitant to ride the subways in New York City, and I CAN read the signs.