Thursday, February 17, 2011

Comparative Literature....

As many of you know, Darrin and I share a love of fine literature. So you can imagine how excited we were to introduce our boys to the nuances of Japanese writing. Our boys have embraced several Japanese texts, many of which come beautifully illustrated. (That helps, because their Japanese reading skills aren't yet fluent).

Max's most recent purchase was a "Korokoro comiku" which came with a bonus poster.

One side had Pokemon pals.

The other side featured this cheerful character:
And his many, many friends. I'm sorry you have to tilt your head to get the full effect of BeanMan, Fish man and Ge-chan (gecko-chan), below.

And here's Mukimukiunko. He is a deep character, that one. He's friends with Supah-Unchikun and Chinchinkun.

We were gratified that our boys wouldn't be too homesick for the quality short stories they like to read at home--which are also beautifully illustrated....

...and which resonate with many of the same, classic literary themes.

Perhaps someday, Supah-unchikun can join forces with Fred and Harold, and take a ride in Poopsie. Whew, would that be a smelly ride or what! Ha ha ha aaaaaahhhhh....