Friday, February 25, 2011

Saturday Morning

Come hang out with us on Saturday morning.

We're having our first Japanese bagels!

This one is black sesame with sweet potato chunks inside. It was delicious. We also had a "cheese and raisin" bagel but it wasn't that good. There were two plain and a shinnamon, too.

What are we putting on them? Cream cheese of course.

Now, after breakfast, we are playing beyblades in the tatami room.
...and watching an anime about baseball. The tension runs high.

Stop by if you're in the neighborhood!


  1. sweet potato bagels sound interesting. i still haven't recovered from seeing hugo munching on crispy fried fish skeletons!

  2. i still don't understand beyblades, and probably never will, until i look 'em up on wikipedia.

  3. I take it back! I do understand beyblades now, and I think they are really neat. I wish my grandchildren were "8 years or older" so I could see a beyblade competiton up close and personal. Question for Max, and/or Alek, and/or Hugo (or any other bladers in the family): Which is the best all-round blade? Attack, Defense, Stamina or Balance? Answer has got to be something like "It depends on what the other player chooses.", I would guess. And then, whoa, you've got yourself a zero-sum game! 1 2 3 let it rip!