Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nine Kyoto Images

Happy Saturday!

Here are nine pictures we took today. First, a bunny barricade.

A bunch of dolls looking out at their shrine, known for women's health.

Alek and Hugo at Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum. Hugo is shoveling coal, and Alek is taking us to Osaka.

A tetsudo otaku? (train geek)....

Did you know there is [or sed to be] a video game where you could pretend to be a train engineer? You can get points for following the speed limit and stopping right on the line.

Alek, his swirly, and our 36 sushi plates.

A few minutes earlier...Hugo eating a crispy fried fish skeleton. The boys ate two bowls of these.

This bench was parked in clear view of about 8 JR train lines near Kyoto station. I like to think these ojiisans hang out here every day, chatting and watching the traffic.

Some plum blossoms in the palace park. It's almost plum blossom season...can you believe it?!

We have a really big show planned for you tomorrow. But I don't wanna jinx it.

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