Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some more nice people

After the bloody ceiling adventure last Sunday, we stopped at this barber shop. Their haircuts for school kids were only 1300 yen! The boys were due. Max stepped right up.

He doesn't look happy, but he was raving about the orange-mint shampoo. They even shaved off his lip fuzz with a little razor!
I do so love a man with short hair....

Alek was less enthusiastic about the process. The barber has three boys of his own, though, so he just grabbed him up in the air and plopped him in the chair.

No smiles. This is "before." The barber was marveling at the loft of his bedhead. I didn't learn the Japanese word for that. Nepatsu perhaps? Anyone?
Reading manga in the waiting room....

Hugo got a good haircut, too. He was even less enthusiastic than Alek. But the lady did his bangs just the way he wanted.
Then we were off for Kura Sushi! The barber said his own 16-year old can put away 30 plates there. I will do a blog about that soon.

Anyway, it was yet another experience with some very friendly and patient people. I can't imagine that the average US small business would be so nice to a bunch of people who don't speak the language very well, and whose kids had to be manhandled into the chair.


  1. Gah! My nephews are so handsome! :-)

  2. WE need to see the 'after' pics for Alek & Hugo - Max is truly one handsome dude! Love, Gramma

  3. How do you say "I want a haircut just like Daddy's" in Japanese?