Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Mochi

The last time we made mochi, we did it the modern way with an electric mochi maker.

On Sunday, we were on our way to Genkoan (more on that next post!) and we stumbled onto a little mochi-tsuki (mochi making) festival in our local playground. The nice people there were pounding mochi the old fashioned way.

See the mochi-to-be steaming in this wooden bowl?

One person hammers it, and in between pounds, the other guy whips a little water from the bucket onto his hand and twirls the lump of rice around.
Alek and Hugo both got a turn.
I tried it, too, but the water twirler almost lost a finger, so I stopped. I think they were pretty happy about that. I don't have rhythm.

When it's done, as you know, you rip off chunks and roll it around in kinako powder. Women's work.
They handed our family about 6 big pieces.
Some of the friendly ladies who helped...

They also had hot tea.

And a few yards away, they were baking sweet potatoes in this barrel. The top barrel is filled with hot stones, and the potatoes are nestled in there. Fire and rocks--that's what makes it men's work.
Here's Max and me with our sweet potatoes wrapped in newspaper. Max is pulling a Calvin face.
So, that was fun....

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