Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kura Sushi--Virtual Reality!

We like Kura Sushi, and not just because it was featured in the New York Times.
It's friendly....and cheap (105 per plate).

I took a bunch of pictures last weekend so you can pretend you're there, too. Some of them are blurry (sorry). After all, it's a conveyor belt. Moving, moving, moving....

Here are a few classics to get you warmed up.

Of course, things can get weird. It's sushi, after all. In fact, I can't recall what this one is.

I think this is tuna--with egg and negi.

And this here's a kansai-area fave.

This one's eel. I think.
Tuna roll.
Max likes it.

Whoa! Who put this temaki here?

What the...? It's sweet potato. Maybe. Maybe mixed with azuki bean paste.

Yes, it is. It's corn.
Yes, with mayonnaise. Want some?

Didn't try this one either.

Or this one. We all draw the line at mayonnaise in our sushi.

We were sitting toward the end of the line...the inari got grabbed before our turn!

Raw shrimps. Nope. Didn't try them either.

This one? I tried it. Salmon, onion, and avocado. It was good until I hit the splash-of-mayo. Why do they DO that?

Hugo and Alek's new favorite is ikura. (as in..."ikura, squishy salmon roe like dabby dots of jelly. Salty on my lips, and yummy in my belly!") Raise your hand if you ever read this book to my kids.

Oh, and kani, sweet kani. We ate about 25 plates of this last Sunday.

Nope, didn't try it. Not even for 105 yen. Too prehistoric. Too large. Too weird.

Negi-toro. One of my favorites.

Here's one of my favorites, too.

These egg things were in our osechi ryori. But we didn't fall for it again.

A modern twist--here's hamburger-patty sushi. Can you say, "hambaahguu?"

And some kind of beef thing.

This one's for Mike. Guess what Mike? It's natto. Want some? Don't worry--no mayo.

"Natto? As in, fermented soybeans?"
Yes, Alek!
(By the way, nice haircut.)

Every five plates, we check to see if we won a prize.

A few more onigiri...

And (cold) sweet potatoes cooked in sugar. Yeah, we tried them. was that? Are you more adventurous than we are? Kurt, is there anything here you would not have tried ?


  1. Want some now!!! I'd try EVERYTHING with the exception of mackerel (too fishy) and eggs (wasted space in your tummy). BTW, love the boys' haircuts.

  2. only the sweet potatoes for me!

  3. Wow. I kid you not: my mouth is watering even now as I write this comment. How are you guys going to handle not being able to get this stuff when you're back home?

    Would you please not do too many more of blogs like these? No more than 30 or so.

    Did anyone try the natto? Who? Reaction?