Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kids Plaza Osaka

Kids Plaza Osaka came to the rescue last Sunday, on Day 14 of daddysoutoftown.

The minute we walked in, I could breathe again--I knew I'd have at least 4 hours in which I wouldn't have to shush anybody or solve any fights. It had been that kind of a week.

I mean, two weeks.

Our boys are loud, and they are even louder when your house is only 70 square meters.

Anyway, here are the scenes:

To be honest, much of the time we were here, I had no idea where my children were.

So I watched other people's kids. There was a "mini town" where little kids got to pretend to work in a supermarket, pipe repair, sushi shop, and a noodle shop, like this:

The little kids could put on postal uniforms and deliver the mail around the town. They were very serious about it. So adorable.

I finally found Max doing some old fashioned anime:

We found a heat sensor.
And a giant bubble maker--one that surrounds you...
and one that's just plain big...

The kids got to be on TV--here's Max going down the toilet.

This skeleton was trash-talking the kids who were putting his bones back on.

Crazy water pump station.

And Max got good at an old-fashioned game. Watch him knock out the bottom spool:

And here is the fast-food place we ate beforehand. Cheap cheap cheap.
That's it: We ate, we played, we took the train back home.


  1. and i thought port discovery in batimore was the ultimate fun place! they don't have trash-talking skeletons, and you can't go down the toilet on tv, either.

  2. Mira thinks the bubbles are the coolest things. I would have to agree! :)