Monday, January 10, 2011

Omiya Kotsu Koen (Omiya Traffic Park)

Sunday. Cold weather. Near the end of a 35-week school break. Did I say 35 weeks? Sorry--just feels like it. I meant 3.5 weeks.

We headed up on Bus 46 and met our friends at the Omiya Kotsu Koen (or traffic park), otherwise known as that place in Kyoto where you can drive Go-Karts!

We arrived at 12:20. No go karts--it was lunch break!. So we admired the miniature street scene, complete with cross walks and working traffic signals.

The kids played on the excellent playground that is mixed in with the go-kart tracks.

I thought this looked like some kind of old school torture device. Can you imagine trying to swing and grab each of these rings? This was the least popular equipment...
They had parked some old street cars there (you can see them above). Of all things, each car had a bookshelf filled with children's books! Hugo loved this. (But of course, Hugo doesn't like posing for pictures, so here is a photo of Alek, before his snack.)

At 1:00, it was time to GO!
Kids in Grade 3 or up can drive their own car. Three rides = 500 yen.

Younger kids have to go with a parent. (Three rides = 600 yen). Can you see my knees? Let's just say I'm glad I've been doing yoga.

Hugo and I got busted by the "cops"--I was letting him do the brake.

Then later, Alek and I got busted because I was letting him steer.

But other than that, this was a total blast for all of us. The cold wind in our hair, the revving of engines, stopping at cross walks...we did it all!

They also have a set of mini pedal cars, for the Grade 1 and 2 kids who can't drive their own go-karts.

The people working here are very friendly, but there is virtually no English at this place--you have to know kanji even to go into the right bathroom! But if you're ever in Kyoto with kids, this is a great place to visit.


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  1. i demand a traffic park in delaware!! what fun!