Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GBR snorkeling

Yesterday we went on a snorkeling tour at the Great Barrier Reef!

It took about 1 hour to get out to the Opal reefs, where this company goes. Alek and Hugo both threw up on the way. Maybe we didn't give them a big enough dose of anti-puke medicine? Anyway, here are Hugo and Darrin catching some fresh air (the next best medicine). (All photos here are courtesy of the ship photographer.)
Here we are about to get out of the boat. We are wearing nylon suits to keep away sunburn and jellyfish stings. The boys looked like superheroes!

Max, Hugo, and Darrin:
Me and Alek:
I was so proud of the boys. We were worried that at least one of them would freak out at the last minute and not get in the water. But they snorkeled the entire time. It helped a lot that it is summer here--the water was very calm and very warm. They also practiced this summer in the pool and in the NC Sound.

We went to three snorkeling sites and found Nemo at all three of them! We also saw amazing coral and fish. You'll have to go there yourself some day...but do try to go in the next 30 years, because by then, the reef will probably be dead (at current pace of ocean heating)

A sea cucumber. We got to touch one during the guided tour with the marine biologist.
We saw a lot of these giant clams. They were about 3-5 feet across.

Here we are in the water, in different combinations.


Max, Darrin, Alek:

Me and Hugo:


Me and Alek (I think? Might be Hugo?):
Then during lunch, parked over a reef, Hugo's first tooth (finally) fell out!! How many kids do you know who can say that they lost their first tooth at the great barrier reef?


  1. So, so amazing - We can't find words for a comment - how incredible the boys were able to snorkel & such terrific pictures! We're a wee bit jealous - but so glad you've been able to do this - truly a once in a life time experience! And did the tooth fairy come to the boat? or to your apartment?! Love to all, Gramma & Papa

  2. Amazing! I can't believe the beauty!