Friday, December 10, 2010

A bike by any other name.....

The bikes of Kyoto have provocative names.

New addition: Based on the comments, it seems I wasn't clear--these are brands (not personal choices).

Anyway, I guess some are not that exciting, but we have to start somewhere.

Some bikes remind us of places we want to go...

Some are profound, in their own way.

Some make us hungry. Well, sort of.

Some bikes seem made for each other. Like these two:

And some are in languages we don't understand! Where is the English, people? This is Japan!!!

Some remind us of our daily life.

And you know... these days, I think we all find comfort in concrete nouns.

And then some of these make me feel so energetic!! I think I could ride for miles!!!


Other bikes remind me of those happy, peaceful times.

But then other bikes seem meant to confuse.


Why am I not losing any weight in Japan?

Well anyway...let's

Please vote for your favorite. All people who vote will be entered to win a package of mochi balls, just in time for new years!!!


  1. Excellent post
    All amusing finds
    However, Surly is not "Engrish" it's an American brand, very hip and high quality.

  2. Hmmmmm....Chris and I are partial to 'Parsley'...or 'Hand Clap'...
    What have you all named your bikes??

  3. Mira: I can't decide between Moustache, Waffle, and Hand-Clap.

  4. a doppelganger sounds pretty serious.....

  5. Are these names the people select for their bikes. IF they are I can't wait to see yours.

  6. One vote for Andante - about my speed! Gramma

  7. While Hand-Clap had me intrigued, I cannot resist a bike named Surly.

  8. Question: Do the bike names come with the bike, or are they added (as decals) by the owner after the purchase? If the latter, I think I would name my bike Geezer.

    I really won't be able to sleep until I know. Sure hope you see this comment soon, 'cause I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Will check back every 15 seconds or so.

  9. We were checkin' out "TENDANCE DECO Apres-Midi". Marion gave us a translation.

    The first part obviously means, "a la mode ... style".

    So, together it means "hip" and catch you later...