Sunday, December 12, 2010


My boys do not speak Japanese yet. But there are signs that this place is having an effect on them.

1. They call this stuff Shoe Cream. That is, chou cream. That is, cream puffs...very popular dessert here.

2. They are all pretty crackin' at the ohashi.

3. They solve disagreements with jan-ken-hoi. (If only they did it all the's much quieter than fighting)

4. They pronounce cake, "cak-ie," and call this blue guy "Stitchie."
5. They sleep on the floor happily.

6. They are embracing Japanese curry, in all of its lowbrow forms.

But don't worry. Deep inside, they are still 60% made out of this:

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  1. Yum... Japanese curry...LOVE it! Kurt made curry rice once (from those curry bars) with beef and veggies...but he just didn't get it. I wanna go to the Curry House...