Monday, December 6, 2010

all for 100 yen...

As promised, here's a quick blog about a 100 yen store (that's about $1.20).
Don't look too closely; you might see one of your Christmas presents!

I have three of these baskets in my genkan for bike keys, maps, and glasses:

Does the character on these kids' chopsticks look familiar?

Socks and undies...
Like some kind of skit, Alek kept picking things up when we were here and asking me how much they cost....

You can get a stamp with your name on it. At least, if your name is written in kanji. It's 100 yen!

Great stationery selection.

Here's my favorite. I am compelled to buy suction cup hooks every time I go to the 100 yen store. It is equal to my compulsion to visit Lake Biwa....
There's a joke in there too, somewhere.

By the way, I was mostly kidding about the Christmas presents.

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  1. Oh, I am hoping for those false eyelashes!! And Chris could use some new undies! ;-)