Saturday, December 4, 2010

hail the kotatsu

It's cold in the house this morning, but my feet are toasty warm. That's because I have them snuggled under the kotatsu! Yet another example of Japanese ingenuity....

Underneath this coffee table is a big lightbulb.

You lay a fluffy blanket over the table and put on a second table top. Then you have a cozy place to post a blog, read, or take a nap. The picture below shows my warm foot. I realize this is probably the best picture I have ever usual, you can email me to request a high-res version.

The only problem is that the boys get stuck under here when they are supposed to be getting ready for school....

When I lived here the first time, I sometimes babysat for Lolo, a friend's cat. She spent hours sleeping under my kotatsu. She would stumble out from time to time looking as if she had been drugged.

Max's piano teacher also has an electric heated carpet in her living room. Can you imagine? I really want one of those, too.....but I won't be greedy.

With inventions like these, I guess central heating and home insulation aren't that urgent after all.

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  1. It's got "Cathy K" all over it. I want!