Thursday, December 16, 2010

Unit of Inquiry

Grade 1 just finished a Unit of Inquiry called "Our personal histories are worth exploring." They took down the bulletin boards today, and here's something I pulled out of Hugo's backpack:

Kids also post questions (you know, Inquiries) at the beginning of the unit. Can anybody help Alek answer the first question?

Max's UOI has been about ancient civilizations. He learned how to make naan! So we have been eating lots of that lately, along with our Japanese curry.

Alek told me the other day that they will be starting another UOI next term. He said "I think the central idea is 'People perform different roles to fulfill the needs of a community.;"

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  1. So...officially, I love this school. I talk much about inquiry-based learning with my students, and it's great to see a school dedicated to this approach. I wish I could send my students there to see not only content being address through inquiry...but also authentic reading and writing experiences. Cracked up at Alek's insightful questions! Didn't we ALL asked those questions at one time or another? So great!