Monday, December 6, 2010

Saturday Chill....

This past weekend we took it easy. We started at the YWCA's Christmas Bazaar. Lots of little things for sale; new and used. Darrin and I take Japanese lessons here.

There was a kids' playroom: Asobihoudai! (Remember Tabehoudai, all you can eat? This was "all you can play.")

Alek made this shrinky-dink. It says, in case you didn't guess, "Meri Kurisumasu!"

We got and ate these Korean cookies at the bazaar. They tasted just like donuts. We took this picture in case Cathy recognizes them. The YW is a great place to buy odds and ends like this...fair trade coffee, oatmeal, cheese, curry mixes. It is a friendly place. We ate lunch here; the boys had grilled cheese and I had bibimbap (made by the Korean ladies in my Japanese class!)

Then we hit three different playgrounds, as the boys helped me find targets for my upcoming bike blog. (You're going to love it. It's got "viral" written all over it.) Anyway, the other kids were so friendly. They kept trying to ask my boys questions. Do you see Alek and Hugo holding court on the swings to the left?

Here they're speaking the universal language of Lego AT AT walkers....
My boys broke their candy canes (thanks, grandma!) to share these kids. They all ran up to me in a group and shouted "artigatoo gosaimashita!!"

Here's a scene from the last playground, where Alek and Hugo practiced the ol' butt-bump.

Back home, the boys worked on letters to Santa for awhile. Guess what? They want more Legos.

After supper we walked up the street to the girls' school, where they offer an "illumination." It's sort of like Longwood Gardens.
(Alek has been cradling that Lego catalog all weekend.)
This "peace tree" is made out of plastic bottles. I asked the boys to count how many sides there should have seen them walking around and around it, sort of like when Pooh hunted the Woozle. "Seven!" "Five!" "Eight!" "Definitely seven!" (There were six.)

Fun times....


  1. It's an old-fashioned dessert...always made about that size and in that flower shape. As you may know, Koreans don't do sweets..and this is as sweet as it gets. Bibimbap sounds divine...! So you had your Longwood Garden winter moment after all. :) LOVE the plastic bottle tree.

  2. HA! Whose missive to Santa is that? Very enjoyable!

  3. I loved this entire post, but I have to say that "it's got 'viral' written all over it" is going to be my new catch phrase!

  4. Good to see everyone. The lighted area was beautiful.

  5. This blog made me remember a Japanese TV production of A Christmas Carol I watched in Sapporo long ago. I understood about 5% of what was being said. What I do remember is "sukuruji san" and "kurisimasu cakee".
    Loved it.

    totemo meri kurisimasu !