Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zoo Land, Ta Dah. (Photos and Text by Max)

You are about to see pictures of a zoo.
For those who have high blood pressure, heart problems, or are currently pregnant, please switch to another blogger.

That is a zebra. That is my finger to the bottom left.

You could saute those chicken feet.

Can you see why Alek is soooooo interested?

There was real monkey business in here. I mean, real.

Another reminder: They're monkeys, not hamsters. Their treadwheel is bigger by about a meter.


Peek. A. Boo.

Who needs giraffes?

Rock? Or hippo?

"The last one needed salt."

"Those pink birds have a bone to pick with me."

Notice this was before, not after, I went on a business trip.

My mum mum says I'm bigger than when I left.
I sure feel bigger.

I am holding back giggles at my presentation.

Hi Ian! Hi Shane! Hi Mira!
Jordan, I have hippos.


  1. Max, you are my new favorite writer. And photographer. Can I hire you to write my blog?

  2. Max,
    You did such a GREAT job! I can't believe you're already measuring in the metric system... A most definitely sign that you're living abroad. :)

    My favorite picture (although a bit disgusting) is the "squat toilet" picture. Haha...

    Mira has yet to see your blog, but I'm sure she would be happy to have gotten a shout out. She'll write soon!

  3. Max - I see a photo-journalism position in your future! Great pics & comments. Keep them coming. Love, Gramma

  4. From Mira: Hi, Max! Hope you enjoy the s'mores. :)