Monday, October 11, 2010

Dog Blog

We see cute doggies here in Kyoto.

A lot of times, they come in pairs:

There are many breeds....mostly purebred.

The little ones get to wear stylish clothes. This pug's name is "Gu." I want a skirt like hers. Khaki goes with everything, don't you think, Gu?

This one's for you, Lucy. Do you think he's handsome in that muscle shirt? Oh, you want to say hello? Japanese for "woof woof" is "wan wan..."

Here's a puppy in a pet shop. Price: About 230,000 yen.

Doggies here take many forms of transport.

Let's pause to appreciate how difficult it is to snap a picture of a doggie in a bike basket. We get to see this a LOT. But they move fast. And you have to have your camera out. Turned on. Aimed in the right direction.

So that's why it was practically a miracle when the man in the previous picture walked up to me in the palace grounds last night, and plopped his doggie right in there! I just happened to sit down right next to his parked bike.

Below is a different dachsund in a bike, outside our house. At least, I think it's a different dachsund!

And then the pet treats in Japan--some are based in squid byproducts, I think.

As well as the usual chicken chunks and....what are those buttons?

Every time we see one of these pooches, we compare it to our handsome boy back home. How are you doing, Fig? We miss you! So far, we see no puggles in Japan.

And we are so grateful to T. and S. for taking good care of you....* *sniff* *


  1. Beth, that khaki skirt would look great on you. Thanks for sharing Lucy's Japanese twin with us! Can't wait to show it to my boys.

    I'm also going to replace the idiom "the cherry on top" with "the dog in the basket." As in, "Well, ain't that the dog in the basket!"

  2. Lots of smooshed in dog faces there. Otis needs to pay a visit. He never tried peeing on a tree in Japan.

  3. What? "Wan wan" makes NO sense. Korean dogs go "mung mung." I say it sounds more like a dog! :P The pet treats look just like the treats I like from the Asian grocery stores... wonder Monkey and Otis both go nuts when I'm eating those dried squid treats...

  4. Any "Annie" type dogs? She'd dig the treats - the dog that will eat anything! She's on the hunt for acorns here - & manages to hide them in her mouth every time we let her out/in. Maybe we can fit in a visit w/Fig when at Katie's at Thanksgiving. Love, Gramma