Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Scenes 2

This one's for Cathy!
We showed Mum Mum the school today, and I took the opportunity to show you some pictures, too! Here are some scenes from our cozy school.

Alek is going to help me write.

Alek, what's this?
It's the shoes. On the left of the second row is my indoor shoes.

Alek: That's Hugo putting his outdoor shoes and socks on.

Mom: This is a closeup of a display of what the curriculum is about. There are about six Units of Inquiry throughout the school year. Right now, the boys are doing a UOI about "The Human Body."

Alek: That's the sinks where we brush our teeth after lunch.
Mom: Do you like doing that? Do you wish you could do that at PLE?
Alek: No, cuz I want to do it at home.

Alek: That's the welcome to Grade 1 sign on the room. And the bees below it have our names on them. She decided on bees to put on there because she calls us bees. And my teachers' name is Ms. B.

Alek: That is the UOI poster of what we know, what we want to know, and we haven't done what we learned yet.
Mom: Is there anything you want to put on the What we learned list?
Alek: We're not going to do that yet. I wanted to know why, when you hit your skin really hard, it turns purple. And I learned that your blood vessels pop, and then the blood stays there. And then, when it disappears, the spleen eats it.

This is the UOI words poster. The "vomit" one is Hugo's. The cells one and the spleen one is mine.

Alek: This is in the Japanese room. They have the Learner Profiles in English and in Japanese.
Mom: What are some of the other Learner Profiles? Besides knowledgable and thinkers?
Alek: Principled, Communicators, Open-Minded, Reflective, Balanced, Risk-Takers, Caring.

Alek: That's the seeds we planted from Eco-Club. The one I'm pointing to is mine.
Mom: What kind of seeds are they?
Alek: They are broccoli, red cabbage, and there's one sunflower seed in the middle.

Mom: This is from Max's room. In math they are working with data.

Here's a scene from their Human Body unit.
Max: That's Ed's cousin.

Max: This is Ed. He's a model that you can take the guts out of.

Max: We looked at cells under microscopes. Skin cells and onion cells.
These are our questions. Mine is about the heart. "Does your blood move in a constant flow or in beats?"

Alek: That's the awards from the assemblies. A lot of people got risk taker awards for coming to a new school. Max got an award on the first assembly, and M. and S. from my class got awards, too.

Alek: That's the computer lab. Today we just finished the title page for our portfolio, and we printed it in our room.

So, there you go! A few school scenes for all of you to enjoy!


  1. Thanks, Beth and Alek, for the special edition! I LOVE the very constructivist, I see. Love the inquiry-based units, and I'm blown away that the first graders are engaged in so many meaningful and functional writing activities (like their KWL entries and concept word wall). I've seen both done many times, but it's usually the teachers who do the actual writing. Very nice! Can I send Mira to live with you and go to school with M, A & H this year? :)

  2. BTW, Kurt's favorite question on the KWL chart: Why do boys need nipples?