Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Morning...

Monday Morning. By 7am, I had hung out laundry, made coffee, and carefully assembled three gorgeous and nutritious bento lunches. (Alek declared the nori-coated chicken "Gross. I'm not gonna eat that.") Reminded boys many times to get up (they were running about 20 minutes behind). Supervised two boys cooking four eggs. Decided not to put away the futons today. Found Hugo's library book. Remembered to pack the worm food.

Headed out to school on bikes. Got halfway there. Max has forgotten his backpack. So, we three ride on slowly, while Max heads back home (who knows how carefully he heeds my instruction to "be careful. we are NOT late"?) Max catches up. Drop kids off. Fill out the permission form for Hugo's Tylenol (he has a wee cold). Talk to the teacher about the upcoming Halloween party. Head back. Stop at the bakery. Get home about 30 minutes later....

Door looked just like this.

Yep. That's my work bag sittin' right there for all to see. It's so hard for 9 year olds to remember everything, right? Like shutting the door?


  1. Darrin(aka Mr. Mom)- hurry home - before your wife and the mother of your three adorable perfect boys decides to abandon ship! I think Max's rational re: front door - "Why bother to shut the front door when Mom is going to go back there anyway!" Love all of you, Gramma

  2. Mira would have done the same. She would have been super focused on getting that backpack. :)