Saturday, October 2, 2010

Doitsu Festival

We took a little jaunt last Sunday to the International Community House in Kyoto. They were hosting a German Festival.

There was some potato salat, and frikadelle.

Is that wurstchen really tiny, or is that a really big skillet? (Hint: It's not the skillet).

Some truly excellent German band music. There were a few real Germans in attendance. The rest seemed Japanese, and just foreign, like us. The boys ran into lots of their friends from school.

This rock outside the Community House looks inviting. If only we could just....

Max, the ringleader, was determined to build his way up. more?

Were you just cringing, parents? It's true: a few large stones were dropped in the making of this rock ladder. A few fingers were pinched. A few seven year olds lost focus.

But they made it!

Hugo to T: I'm going to have to pull you up. Are you ready?

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