Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our first visitor

Mum Mum arrived for a short visit last night! She bore gifts of oatmeal and wine. (The oatmeal sprang a small leak, but the wine survived the trip without spilling.)

She also brought some new books.
And some other comforts of home:
She already tried out our comfortable beds. Is she not brave? Is she not a model of modern retirement?
And she walked with the boys to school this morning. They showed her all of their favorite vending machines. She got a second lesson on the walk home. By now, I think she knows where the biggest Pocari Sweat bottle can be purchased.

Mum Mum, Give me a quote.
Japan is cool. It is a neat place to spend a year.
What do you think of the food?
Ummmm....My meal tonight was good.

"What was it," You are asking in blogland. It was tonkatsu (pork cutlet).

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  1. Mum Mum's the best...especially when she brings you good gifts! Hope she has a wonderful time.